As well as being Japan's centre of fashion, Harajuku is also where the biggest geeks and most extravagantly dressed people in Tokyo hang out.

Harajuku is the most fashionable neighbourhood in Tokyo. In its main streets you can find both the most prestigious and high-end boutiques, and shops with some of the most bizarre clothing you're likely to see in your life!

Dressing Up

How many times have you heard about Tokyo's urban tribes? About goth lolitas, and all the people dressed in costume? Is that their day to day look? In Tokyo there are thousands who regularly take part in 'cosplay'  short for 'costume play'. 

On weekends, and especially on Sundays, Harajuku is an ocean of colour, with an impossible array of costumes and personalities on show. And the focal point of this 'show' is always Jingu-bashi bridge, by the exit to the JR Harajuku station.

If you want to get an idea of what it's like, check out our Harajuku photo gallery.


Omotesando is a wide, tree-lined boulevard, where you can find the most prestigious boutiques in the world: including Chanel, Dior or Bulgari. The Japanese themselves call it the Champs Elysees of Tokyo

If you are into fashion, but your budget doesn't stretch quite that far, or you want to buy some more authentic items, the streets perpendicular and parallel to Omotesando mean will take you to a totally different dimension.

Omotesando is a clearly visible avenue as soon as you leave the JR Harajuku station.

Takeshita Dori

Is Omotesando is the most luxurious shopping street, Takeshita could be considered the most picturesque. In its shops, you can find the latest brands, and a wealth of options for all tastes.

Takeshita Dori is one of the streets parallel to Omotesando, some 250 metres north. The best way to get there is leaving  JR Harajuku station and walking parallel to the tracks northwards.

Better on the weekend

It's busy, but more than made up for by the amazing atmosphere, especially on Sundays


JR: Harajuku, Yamanote
Metro: Meiji-jingumae (Chiyoda (C) and Fukutoshin (F) lines) or Omotesando (Hanzomon (Z), Chiyoda (C) and Ginza (G) lines).

Nearby places

Yoyogi Park (547 m) Shibuya (1.2 km) Shinjuku (2.4 km) Metropolitan Government Building (2.4 km) Roppongi (2.7 km)