Prices in Tokyo

In general, prices in Tokyo are comparable to many places in Europe. Below are some examples of prices in Tokyo to give you an idea when budgeting.

Except for transport, which is very expensive, food and other necessities can be surprisingly cheap.

Food and Drink

  • A bottle of water: ¥100 (€0.75).
  • Soft drink: ¥120 (€0.90).
  • Coffee: ¥400 (€3 one of the more expensive items!).
  • A dish in a street restaurant: between ¥500 and ¥1,200 (from €3.75 to €9).
  • Dish in a revolving restaurant: ¥1,000 (€7.50).
  • Three-course meal in a restaurant: from ¥2,000 (€15).
  • Comida para llevar (bento): from ¥500 (€3.75).

Fruit however is, generally, one of the most expensive items to buy in Japan. However, you can find bananas for ¥200 each, or a bunch of 6 or 8 for ¥100, depending on where you buy!



A double hotel room in a good area: from ¥10.000 (€75)