Akihabara is the best neighbourhood in Tokyo to buy the newest gadgets, digital cameras, video games and more, as well as being the home of manga and geek culture.

Although in recent years the sector has become somewhat delocalised Akihabara, or as it's affectionately known, Akiba, is still synonymous with technology and electronics.

Don't just stick to the shopping centres and the largest and most visited shops. If you wander the side streets of the neighbourhood you'll likely find that little gadget you're looking for

Chuo Dori

Chuo Dori is the main street in Akihabara and once there you can find the main shops between the Akihabara station to the south and the Suehirocho station to the North.

The best way to start your adventure around Akihabara is to take the "Electric Town" exit to the Akihabara station.

Something for Everyone

Something that's really surprising in this neighbourhood is the diversity of products on offer. The more you dive into the side streets and little known spots, the more likely you are to find shops selling diodes, transistors and similar components.

The home of Manga

A common theme in the neighbourhood is the popularity of manga: comics figurines and costumes have all become common sights in Akihabara.

Just like Harajuku, on the weekend Akihabara becomes a show in itself, with the different urban tribes coming together in a fantastic fantasy show in real life!

Maid Cafes

Passing through the streets of Akihabara you'll find women dressed up as maids, handing out advertising for the Maid Cafes. These strange places are one of the most recent phenomena to take over the area.

Maid Cafes are focused on male clientele, in which women dressed as maids or maidens from the middle ages will treat you with care and attention, making you feel like noblemen from another age.

Maid Cafes also often offer strange additional services. You can ask them to read you a story, play video games with you or even pay them to give you a slap in the face! In Japan, there really is something for everyone...


Estacion Akihabara.
Metro: Hibiya line (H).
JR Trains: Yamanote and Sobu lines.
Estacion Suehirocho.
Metro: línea Ginza (G).

Nearby places

Ueno Park (1.6 km) Tokyo National Museum (2 km) Edo Tokyo Museum (2.2 km) Asakusa (2.6 km) Ginza (3.3 km)