Weather in Tokyo

Before traveling to Tokyo it is important to take into account its extreme temperatures to decide whether to travel at certain times of the year. In the rest of Japan the climate varies greatly, from the subarctic parts in the north to the monsoon climate in the south.

As well as varying by area within the country, the weather also varies greatly by season:

Tokio in Winter

The Pacific regulates the temperature well but, although between December and Februrary it does get quite cold, the temperature doesn't usually drop below 0ºC. The average temperature during these months is 6ºC

As an advantage, these are the months with the least tourism, and also normally the least rainy.

Travelling in Spring

The cherry blossoms in flower are usually a good sign that the good weather has arrived. The second two weeks of March and the first week in April are usually good times to travel to Tokyo.

Tokyo in Summer

The summer months, especially June and July, are known for downpours and high temperatures.

Autumn in Japan

The colours of Autumn make for another of the best times of year to travel to Japan. The average temperature is around 18 degrees, but the main problem is the frequent rain and the probability of gale force winds.

Best time to travel

In our opinion, the best months to travel to Tokyo are March, April, May, October and November. It's important to try and avoid the last week of April and the first week of May, as this is when the majority of Japanese people take their holidays, making for full trains and hotels, and higher prices.