Museum of Science and Innovation

Museum of Science and Innovation

The National Museum of Science and Innovation, commonly known as the Miraikan Museum, can be found in Odaiba

In this interactive museum you can see the latest in scientific achievements as well as the new trends and technologies that will define the coming years.

Permanent Exhibition

Unlike ther science museums, the Mariaikan Museum doesn't have the typical science experiments with baking soda and vinegar, but it goes much much further, into complex and relevant topics.

To make the most of the museum, you shouldn't simply wander around looking at the exhibits, but read the texts (in English) and try your had at some of the experiments. It is, after all, an interactive museum.

The different areas of the museum focus on new compounds, robotics, informatics, medicine and space exploration. And the museum also has small areas dedicated to subjects such as the cosmos, earthquake detection or submarine exploration.


The part of the museum dedicated to robotics is the most interesting, and the famous Honda robot is the jewel in the crown.

You can see the robot himself in action every day at 11 am, 1, 2, and 4 pm. The performances last 10 minutes which is enough time to se him speak, run, and win over the visitors, especially the little ones.


If you like science and have between two and three hours to try to understand the exhibitions in the Miraikan museum, you'll be more than satisfied by the visit.


Daily from 10 am to 5 pm (December and January closed on Tuesdays).


Adults: ¥ 630 (US$ 4)
Under18s: ¥ 210 (US$ 1.30)

Dome theatre:
Adults: ¥ 300 (US$ 1.90)
Under 18s: ¥ 100 (US$ 0.60)

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