Taxis in Tokyo - Tariffs and advice on taking a taxi in Tokyo
Taxis in Tokyo

Taxis in Tokyo

Taxis in Tokyo are comfortable and taxi drivers don't try to overcharge, but this means of transport has two drawbacks, it's expensive and it can be difficult to communicate with the driver.

Taxis all have the logo of their company on the roof of the vehicle, and several illuminated signs - red (unoccupied), yellow (occupied), and green (night tariff).


Although at certain times of the day, or for short journeys, they might be a good option, Japanese taxis are among the most expensive in the world.

Each company decides its own prices, but in the end, they tend to be quite similar. The normal prices are: 

  • First two kilometers: ¥ 730 (US$ 4.70)
  • Price per additional kilometer¥ 320 (US$ 2.10)
  • Each hour of wait time: ¥ 3,085 (US$ 20)

A normal journey in the center of Tokyo will cost between 7 (US$ 7.40) and 15 (US$ 16).

When the night tariff is in effect, these prices go up by 20%.

Don't Forget Your Map

The best way to take a taxi and avoid going around in circles trying to communicate with the taxi driver, you should always have a map handy. Indicating the destination on the map or having it written in Japanese means you'll avoid possible problems with the language.

A good piece of advice is to take a card from your hotel, in case you need to get back by taxi.

Fun Fact

If you want to take a taxi in Tokyo, don't try to open the door. Taxi drivers open the rear doors automatically!