Fashion in Tokyo

Fashion in Tokyo

Something that's noticable to all is the passion the Japanese people have for fashion: young people in the country like to shop, look good, and be seen doing it.

When going shopping in Tokyo, the areas are quite divided depending on the kind of clothes you want to buy, so you should choose your neighbourhood carefully.

Omotesando and Ginza

Here's where you'll find the most expensive and luxurious shops in Tokyo. International Boutiques such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton or Versace find their home in Ginza and Omotesando (Tokyo's Champs Elysees).


If you want to dress like the coolest and youngest Japanese, Shibuya is the place for you. Here is where you will find Tokyo's biggest concentration of shops and shopping centres

The most famous shopping centre in Shibuya is Shibuya 109. But for better or worse, this is a shop more orientated at women, though male shoppers shouldn't disregard a visit: it provides an illuminating window into Japanese fashion and youth culture.

Shibuya is also home to large international brands such as Zara and H&M.

Takeshita Dori

Looking or something a little different? Clothes that only the most dedicated Harajuku attendant would dare to wear? Takeshita Dori offers this and much more! This little street near Omotesando is home to clothes from gothic to full-blown costume.

Between Omotesando and Takeshita Dori

The network of streets between these two polar opposites of the fashion world is where the majority of people find what they are looking for: this area is, along with Shibuya, one of the most popular and busiest spots among young people in Tokyo.


Although it's not one of the better-known areas to tourists, these shopping streets (half shop half flea market) are surprisingly lively. You'll find this area just at the exit of Ueno station.