Ueno Park

Ueno was the first park in Tokyo, and today is one of the main cultural focal points in the city. In spring, more than 1,000 cherry blossoms give it a unique and distinctive colour.

This park is host to The Tokyo National Museum, the Oriental Museum, the National Science Museum, the Shitamachi Museum, the National Museum of Western art and the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Gallery.

And when you're finished touring the park, don't leave without enjoying a walk around Ameyoko, the shopping streets with a unique atmosphere, just as you leave the station.

Toshogu Sanctuary

Leaving the museums behind, the most visited place in the park is the Toshogu Sanctuary. This is one of the few buildings which has remained intact since the time of the Edo period, believed to have been constructed in 1627.

Saigo Takamori Statue

Another of the most interesting sights in the park is the statue of Saigo Takamori, "The Last Samurai", an important figure in the history of Japan, and one of the central players in the Meiji restoration. Tom Cruise played a version of this character in the Oscar-nominated film "The Last Samurai".

The statue can be found at the south entrance of the park.

Ueno Zoo

The most interesting fact about this zoological park is that it was the first to open its doors in Japan. But ever since its dear pandas died in 2008, the zoo has lost a little bit of its charm


Ueno Station.
Metro: Hibiya (H) and Ginza (G) lines.
JR Trains: Yamanote

Nearby places

Tokyo National Museum (494 m) Akihabara (1.6 km) Asakusa (2.1 km) Edo Tokyo Museum (2.8 km) Tokyo Skytree (3.2 km)