Nikko30 km inland from Tokyo, Nikko is a popular attraction for both local and international tourists thanks mainly to the Temples of Nikko World Heritage Site.
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KamakuraAn hour and a half away by train, Kamakura is a costal town which was the de facto capital of Japan from 1200 to 1300, known as the Kamakura period.
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YokohamaYokahama is one of Japan's most modern cities, and the second largest after Tokyo.
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Tokyo SkytreeInaugurated in 2012, the Tokyo Skytree is the tallest communications tower in Japan and one of the best viewpoints in all Tokyo.
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Narita AirportThe Narita Aiport is the second most important in Japan and one of the busiest in Asia.
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Haneda AirportThe Haneda Airport is one of the most used airports in the world with 80 million annual passengers.
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ShinjukuThe streets of Shinjuku are the image of Tokyo we all picture in our mind's eye.
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ShibuyaShibuya is one of Tokyo's most fashionable neighbourhoods.
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HarajukuHarajuku is the most fashionable neighbourhood in Tokyo, and also where the wildest characters hang out.
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AsakusaAsakusa is one of the most traditional neighbourhoods in the centre of Tokyo, where you can find the Sensoji temple, the oldest and most important in Tokyo.
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GinzaThroughout the 20th Century Ginza became the most modern and luxurious face of Tokyo, with wide avenues and exclusive shops all Tokyo icons.
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AkihabaraAkihabara is the best neighbourhood in Tokyo to buy the newest gadgets, and is the home of manga and geek culture.
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RoppongiRoppongi is the liveliest area of Tokyo.
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OdaibaOdaiba is an artificial island in the Tokyo bay.
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Metropolitan Government BuildingThe Metropolitan Government Building is one of the tallest buildings in Tokyo.
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Tsukiji MarketThe almost 3,000 tonnes of fish that comes in every day makes the Tsukiji market the largest fish market in the world.
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Tokyo National MuseumThe Tokyo National Museum is the largest in Japan.
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Edo Tokyo MuseumThe Edo Tokyo Museum narrates the history of this megaopolis from the end of the 15th century right up until the industrial revolution.
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Museum of Science and InnovationThe Miraikan Museum is an interactive museum wehre you can see the latest in scientific achievement and get a head start on the tech of tomorrow.
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Yoyogi ParkThe Yoyogi park is the liveliest in Tokyo, and not counting the Imperial Gardens, it's the biggest too! Discover it before visiting.
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Ueno ParkUeno is one of the best cared for parks in Tokyo, and one of the main cultural focal points in the city.
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Mount Fuji100 kilometres south-west of Tokyo lies the symbol of Japan itself: Mount Fuji, with its distinctive snow-capped symmetrical cone.
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